The Future of Billing – Part 3: Enabling SaaS Billing

As the final chapter of our three part series on The Future of Billing we would like you to understand what is required to implement a SaaS billing model; In order to simplify this we have broken the process down into three (3) key elements:

  • Configuration:

Configuration essentially refers to setting up and customising the software according to your business preferences.

  • Importation:

Refers to data exportation and conversion from your current system to importing the data within the new system. It’s a seamless and easy process to make sure your data is compatible with the new system.

  • Education:

The system can be up and running in a few days, but to keep it running, you need people who understand how to operate a SaaS solution. We try to mitigate the risk as much as possible by providing enhanced support. However, rest assured that the technology was designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind.

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The Future of Billing – Part 2: How SnapBill Fits In As SaaS Solution

SnapBill is developed for high-performance; analytical finance executives and businesses whose needs have outgrown their current billing system and now want a more capable, automated and flexible financial management solution should consider evolving their business through our cloud billing solution.

A trusted and transparent financial software partner to thousands of growing SMEs and enterprise businesses with advanced billing and financial management needs; SnapBill’s multi-entity solution includes automated billing, basic accounting, revenue recognition, financial reporting and customer relationship management.

The billing division is any businesses most frequent point of contact with customers, offering the best opportunity to improve overall intimacy for retention and growth. As more technology choices arise, your staff and customers will continue to expect more billing and payment options and easier ways of doing business with you. Now you can meet their expectations with SnapBill, an easily configurable, rule-based billing solution tailored to the market you serve.

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