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Welcome to the Wiki

In an effort to perfect our billing world… we’ve taken our support site and completely revolutionised it.

We have designed a Wiki-styled support hub for all things SnapBill related, you will be able to find detailed descriptions about every function within SnapBill… tutorial’s, advice and regularly updated know-how’s.

Use the Wiki to search for anything you are struggling with, follow our getting started guide and you will be well on your way to Super-Snap-Billing.

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We know what it’s like, trying to raise a startup

Following the recent re-introduction of our freemium model and the changes in structure of our package pricing, one of the major contributing factors to this (besides the epiphany we had on our mistakes), has been a need to help startup businesses and grow with them from beginning to enterprise level.

As a startup business ourselves we are well aware of the challenges and requirements when getting started. There is much to do, with little resources. Limitations are high. It’s challenging and we know it.

Mistakes are made and things often go wrong. You just cannot afford to spread yourself thin with rectifying decisions that failed and at the same time ensure that your clients are happy and that cashflow isn’t affected, the lifeblood of any startup.

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Catching errors in PHP

In modern web applications knowing immediately when something is going wrong is vital in order to apologize to clients where necessary as well as fixing any problems.

Personally I find notifications via email the easiest (with backup via error log files), however many people choose to use exception tracking services such as Airbrake (previously Hoptoad), or Lighthouse.

I find Gmail combined with carefully written subjects is very handy as each exception is grouped along with similar ones.

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