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SnapBill uses SnapBill to bill for SnapBill— The art of dogfooding.


“Refers to the act of a businesses internally using the software products they create for their customers.”

“Developers who do not use their own software on a regular basis are often unable to understand the problems their users face.”

As a subscription-based service, SnapBill had the need for its own automated billing solution to facilitate invoicing, recurring payment collections and the management of client data.

So what’s better than using SnapBill to bill for SnapBill?

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Catching errors in PHP

In modern web applications knowing immediately when something is going wrong is vital in order to apologize to clients where necessary as well as fixing any problems.

Personally I find notifications via email the easiest (with backup via error log files), however many people choose to use exception tracking services such as Airbrake (previously Hoptoad), or Lighthouse.

I find Gmail combined with carefully written subjects is very handy as each exception is grouped along with similar ones.

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Enabling your South African PayPal account in SnapBill

First National Bank (FNB) recently released PayPal for South Africa after closing an exclusive deal with the international payment gateway. Consequently you may have heard the buzz emanating from SnapBill’s seamless integration of PayPal and be wondering how you, as a South African PayPal account holder, can enable and use this payment method. Read on to find out what the PayPal payment option in SnapBill entails, what you need to use the service and how to go about enabling it.

What the PayPal integration means for the South African user

If you are a FNB account holder you can now get a PayPal account which will not only allow you to send money, but also receive funds from millions of potential international customers.

SnapBill has recognised the potential this holds for it’s users and integrated PayPal to offer all SnapBill users and their clients another safe and easy way to get their SnapBill invoices paid.

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