Enabling your South African PayPal account in SnapBill

First National Bank (FNB) recently released PayPal for South Africa after closing an exclusive deal with the international payment gateway. Consequently you may have heard the buzz emanating from SnapBill’s seamless integration of PayPal and be wondering how you, as a South African PayPal account holder, can enable and use this payment method. Read on to find out what the PayPal payment option in SnapBill entails, what you need to use the service and how to go about enabling it.

What the PayPal integration means for the South African user

If you are a FNB account holder you can now get a PayPal account which will not only allow you to send money, but also receive funds from millions of potential international customers.

SnapBill has recognised the potential this holds for it’s users and integrated PayPal to offer all SnapBill users and their clients another safe and easy way to get their SnapBill invoices paid.

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SnapBill recommended as killer startup

Killerstartups.com has recognized SnapBill as one of their ‘killer’ startups this week. The review focused on SnapBill’s basic functionality and ease of use, while selecting as point of interest SnapBill’s ability to handle multiple currencies.

In their ‘Why Snapbill.com might be a killer’ section they comment:

“The fact that it can handle multiple currencies gives the application (SnapBill) true international appeal.”

We agree. SnapBill supports every known currency, worldwide. That means you can send quotes, invoices and statements in the currency of your choice. You can also collect payments in any currency.

Your SnapBill account is not limited to one specific currency either. You can enable as many currencies as you like and bill in multiple currencies, on one account.

SnapBill keeps track of income, paids and unpaids separately for each currency. So you will never have to do complicated conversions.

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SnapBill hailed as 5 star billing system

The friendly people at AppVita have given SnapBill a 5 out of 5 or “Wow” rating in a recent review.

Stephanie Miles, writer for AppVita, says:

“Whether you sell purses, peanuts, or pictures online, there’s a good chance you could streamline your web-based business by signing up for SnapBill.”

When comparing SnapBill to other online billing systems AppVita focuses on our ability to accept and reconcile payments from several different payment gateways:

“Unlike competing invoicing applications, SnapBill accepts payments from a number of different sources. Depending on the modules that you’ve enabled, you can accept payments via EFTs, debit orders, PayPal, credit card, check, or direct deposit… Business owners who want a hands-free system for billing and receiving payments from clients would be smart to check out SnapBill.”

If you would like to read more about what AppVita thinks of SnapBill check out the full article here.