We know what it’s like, trying to raise a startup

Following the recent re-introduction of our freemium model and the changes in structure of our package pricing, one of the major contributing factors to this (besides the epiphany we had on our mistakes), has been a need to help startup businesses and grow with them from beginning to enterprise level.

As a startup business ourselves we are well aware of the challenges and requirements when getting started. There is much to do, with little resources. Limitations are high. It’s challenging and we know it.

Mistakes are made and things often go wrong. You just cannot afford to spread yourself thin with rectifying decisions that failed and at the same time ensure that your clients are happy and that cashflow isn’t affected, the lifeblood of any startup.

We understand that as a startup, resources are limited so why put so much time and money into billing? Do you really need a team of accountants or costly accounting software to run your business? Why is your billing so important to begin with?

In our experience as a startup, resources should be pushed into marketing and new business development. It is also equally important to give your customers a great first impression and we assist you to do just this by providing you the ability to professionally invoice from a reliable and flexible billing system. SnapBill improves your cash flow at the end of each month. We automate payment collection and warnings for you while you’re running around getting your business on its feet.

What we are trying to achieve is to assist you in gradually growing your business. Start using SnapBill by invoicing three clients for free. This allows you to provide a professional service (no Excel-spreadsheet-looking invoices), your data is stored securely and you don’t have to remember to collect payment at the end of the month, things get busy.

When your business launches, things are usually simple, you have a single product or service and you have a simple ad-hoc or monthly recurring billing need. When your business starts growing and acquiring customers, you may have product or service upgrades and you may be in need of more flexible billing terms.

As you mature you will most probably require more extensive customization. These things take time, and our packages are designed to accommodate you at each stage of your business development.

When your business grows from the initial free package and acquires customers, we offer you our startup package to manage your client and billing data inclusive of 50 invoices at a cost of $35 or R175 per month. You are then able to manage custom billing terms for each service as well as multiple package bundles on your account. We make it easy to add your products and services to your clients accounts.

Thereafter our pricing remains cost effective and relevant as your business matures. Because we bill based on usage, you are always charged in relation to the size of your business and the volume of clients you are billing. Since our system fees are based on invoices sent, it means that you are not limited by the amount of customer records stored and there will be no additional charge if you are not actively invoicing.

Start your business off with a partner who understands your business and designed its pricing structure to accommodate you as you grow. We know not every business is the same. Using SnapBill will always save you more than it costs you to use, who would better understand what it’s like than someone who walked in your shoes?