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The Future of Billing – Part 2: How SnapBill Fits In As SaaS Solution

SnapBill is developed for high-performance; analytical finance executives and businesses whose needs have outgrown their current billing system and now want a more capable, automated and flexible financial management solution should consider evolving their business through our cloud billing solution.

A trusted and transparent financial software partner to thousands of growing SMEs and enterprise businesses with advanced billing and financial management needs; SnapBill’s multi-entity solution includes automated billing, basic accounting, revenue recognition, financial reporting and customer relationship management.

The billing division is any businesses most frequent point of contact with customers, offering the best opportunity to improve overall intimacy for retention and growth. As more technology choices arise, your staff and customers will continue to expect more billing and payment options and easier ways of doing business with you. Now you can meet their expectations with SnapBill, an easily configurable, rule-based billing solution tailored to the market you serve.

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The Future of Billing – Part 1: Cloud Computing Defined

What is Cloud Computing?

“Cloud” is a collective term for a large number of developments and possibilities. It is not an invention, but more of a “practical innovation”, combining several earlier inventions into something new and compelling. Much like the iPod is comprised of several existing concepts and technologies (the Walkman, MP3 compression and a portable hard disk), cloud computing leverages several already available technologies: high bandwidth networks, virtualization, Web 2.0 interactivity, time sharing and browser interfaces.

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Welcome to the Wiki

In an effort to perfect our billing world… we’ve taken our support site and completely revolutionised it.

We have designed a Wiki-styled support hub for all things SnapBill related, you will be able to find detailed descriptions about every function within SnapBill… tutorial’s, advice and regularly updated know-how’s.

Use the Wiki to search for anything you are struggling with, follow our getting started guide and you will be well on your way to Super-Snap-Billing.

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