Accelerate your billing into the future

Interested in learning how to use cloud computing and SaaS to leverage your billing into the future?

We’ve put together an informative guide that is geared towards assisting small to large corporations in achieving a simple and comprehensive billing solution.

We walk you through the transformation from traditional billing methods to the world of Cloud Computing.

In an ever-advancing technological age and the fascination surrounding this alleged magical “Cloud”, you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask (or even look at the sky) when hearing about the “Cloud”.

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In this guide we discuss:

  • The definition of the “Cloud” and its functionality. Applying this concept to simplify and modify the way any business does billing. Identify the financial benefits and effects on your revenue.“Cloud-resident businesses can scale revenue much faster than their traditional counterparts. Revenues can be generated at a much lower cost.”
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and how this component has given significant revolution to the costs and inefficiency of traditionally packaged and physical billing products.“No IT overheads – You don’t need to own servers to run the software.”
  • The business impacts of switching over, pertaining to the: Economic / Social / Technological implications.“Your business can begin using new applications on a real-time basis, with minimal start-up cost and significantly less effort.”
  • The relevance of SnapBill as a SaaS billing solution and it’s key functions and relevance in various industries.“Billing is a universal problem for many businesses, big and small. In reality, anyone that sells something to their customers on a recurring basis has a pain. This pain is not being addressed by the long-established conventional solutions in the market.”

Download our “The future of billing guide” and prepare to take your business to the next level.