Change of billing model from client based to invoice centric

SnapBill has been working avidly on providing the best solution to making itself the most usable online billing service with regards to its fee structure. SnapBill decided that the best way to do this, would be in adjusting the current billing model from being client based to invoice-centric.

SnapBill service is based on the basic need to invoice a client. To be able to provide this service to not only recurring businesses but also ad-hoc users, SnapBill needed to find a solution that could accommodate both types.

This change will simplify our billing model going forward and make the system feasible for businesses who bill their customers on an ad-hoc basis” mentions Jaco van Wyk, SnapBill Founder.

Jaco explains that previously those types of businesses would have felt alienated as SnapBill’s billing model was focussed on businesses that bill their customers in a subscription / recurring manner.

The change allows SnapBill services to be reasonably priced for both kinds of users. The change effectively means that SnapBill users will no longer be charged per client or batch of clients as per the original base packages and instead will now be charged per invoice or batch of invoices.

The enterprise package will retain the same basic fee structure, the only change being that the concept of “adding additional clients” will be replaced with that of “adding additional invoices” to the package. Therefore, it no longer matters how many clients a user has on his account, but instead how many times he would need to invoice. This results in providing a more practical billing structure whereby users only pay for what they actually use.

SnapBill has now broadened its market and is always looking for ways to better the system to match each businesses billing needs. With the change in pricing model SnapBill is well on its way to providing a more sensible means of billing to its users.

If users do not invoice their clients for a given month, then essentially that particular client will remain on the SnapBill system free of charge. This eliminates the need to save on fees by deleting customers when not actively billing them. Any business, not just those with recurring or subscription billing models, can now make use of SnapBill.

The pricing structure for the new packages will remain the same:

  • Startup Package: R175/ $35 = 50 invoices per month
  • Premium Package: R250/ $85 = 250 invoices per month
  • Enterprise package: R950/ $195 = 500 invoices per month

Invoices in excess of:

  • 500 will be charged R1/ $0.15 per invoice up until 5000
  • 5001- 25000 invoices will be charged R0.90/ $0.12 per invoice
  • 25000+ invoices will be charged R0.80/ $0.10 per invoice

The new invoice billing model is effective from the end of May 2013 and will save current and new SnapBill users considerably on their monthly usage fees.