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Automate invoicing by leveraging powerful recurrence

Use SnapBill to setup recurring invoices according to a specified date, amount and period.

SnapBill automatically generates your invoices for you at the end of each month, this guarantees that you never miss an invoice and that you always get paid.

You can load your packages, products and services, choose whether to charge setup fees; configure trial periods and specify custom billing terms.

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SnapBill’s insurance billing solutions

At SnapBill we’ve got you covered with our diverse range of industry specific features to match your billing needs.

Being as flexible as we are this allows us to easily adjusted to any billing model. We’ve serviced a diverse range of clients and researched the different key features of our users.

This week we take a look at the insurance industry and the key SnapBill features available.

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Change of billing model from client based to invoice centric

SnapBill has been working avidly on providing the best solution to making itself the most usable online billing service with regards to its fee structure. SnapBill decided that the best way to do this, would be in adjusting the current billing model from being client based to invoice-centric.

SnapBill service is based on the basic need to invoice a client. To be able to provide this service to not only recurring businesses but also ad-hoc users, SnapBill needed to find a solution that could accommodate both types.

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