Automate invoicing by leveraging powerful recurrence

Use SnapBill to setup recurring invoices according to a specified date, amount and period.

SnapBill automatically generates your invoices for you at the end of each month, this guarantees that you never miss an invoice and that you always get paid.

You can load your packages, products and services, choose whether to charge setup fees; configure trial periods and specify custom billing terms.

To create a recurring invoice, simply go to:

Billing > Create an Invoice > Recurring

Add the recurring charge to either “New clients” or “Existing” clients, by clicking on either option at the top of the right page.

Recurring Invoices for New Clients:

  1. Insert Client’s details (“Pick Client” table).
  2. Set charges in “Recurring invoice editor” table.
  3. Fill in description details and cost.

Recurring Invoices for Existing Clients:

  1. Select client from dropdown menu.
  2. Follow the same steps as above for setting charges.

Important Note

You are able to add more than one line per invoice by selecting “Add new line item”. Costs are able to appear in a negative value as well by inserting a “minus” before the value i.e R-50.00